Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why I get the milk

If you want to get rid of some dirty hankies or old Happy Meal toys, then you should put a price tag on that shit and put it on the clearance table at my neighborhood CVS, because Archie Bunker will buy it. Pictured above is what Mr. Super Efficient Shopper brought home when I asked him to go get one gallon of milk. If you can't see it clearly, I will list it out for your enjoyment:
One tube of some kind of Oil of Olay youth-in-a-tube,
An ultrasonic jewelery cleaner
2 bottles of fruit scented shower gel,
2 large sets of little girly 'lil Miss Hoochie makeup (which is strictly against house rules)
Last but not least, twelve, twelve(!!) sets of wet & wild nail polish including a color that looks like Grey Poupon mustard. TWELVE.

Next pic. has 2 different shades of foundation, a bronzer intended for, uh, the more darkly pigmented woman, and some cream eyshadows that would be useful for someone trying out for the circus. The he swung by Dunkin' Donuts and Chipotle to stock up on napkins. Of course, he forgot the fucking milk. Day-um boy, you is stew-pid and crazy.


Anonymous said...

your better off with that pile of useless crap anyway, milks bad for you sweetheart, milk does the body good is a fucking lie....


uratuna said...

ok, but how am I spozed to maintain my coffee habit without it???