Friday, April 17, 2009

Surgical Pearls & blind dates

What to do you if you have a few too many cases a little too early in the morning when you're all worried about making it to the office on time because you're schedule is backed up? And maybe you're also worried sick about the economic downturn, and you can't quite stop thinking that that "Girls Gone Wild" thing will surely surface any day now?? Not to mention that you've just confided a big secret about a blind date from a few years back with someone who is currently famous for all the wrong reasons?? and the person in whom you confided laughed so hard she almost made in her scrubs??

Well here's the answer, as devised by my glorious idol, Dr. PA, who was the victim of this trying morning:
1.You write out the last procedure (that you could otherwise forget), and tape it onto the front of the scrub.
2.Then you hope that your big mouth blabby blogging friend doesn't figure out how to twitter in order to notify the world of your blind date folly.
3. Economics snchneconomics! nobody's paying you to think about that shit!
4. Reassure yourself that you probably looked pretty good in the video (not that there really is one, but who can be sure about these things??).

Problems solved! fabulous.

addendum: looks like yo boo ain't going to be able make his reality show...according to the judge, anyway. shucks.